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We create the most epic interactive gaming and entertainment experiences on earth immersing players in new, unimagined worlds. Our products?help build community and create social platforms that bring people together. We are relentlessly curious, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create games of our dreams—and?yours. To put it simply, our goal is to make every day more fun with games such as Candy Crush?, Call of Duty?, World of Warcraft?, Overwatch?, Hearthstone? and Diablo?.



Our portfolio includes some of the most iconic franchises in all of entertainment, developed by the incredibly talented teams at Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, King Digital Entertainment, and our independent studios, including Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Toys for Bob, Treyarch, and Vicarious Visions. Activision Blizzard Media unlocks the gateway for brands to the #1 gaming platform in the western world. And our Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group and Activision Blizzard Esports teams lead the charge on extending the ways fans connect with our franchises in their everyday lives.

Our Operating Units


Activision is a leading worldwide developer, publisher,?and distributor of interactive entertainment for various gaming consoles, handheld platforms,?and PC, including blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty?,?Crash?, and?SpyroTM.


Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software, and the company?is renowned for creating some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed games,?including World of Warcraft?, Overwatch?, Hearthstone?, StarCraft?, and Diablo?.


King?is the mobile gaming developer behind the world-famous?Candy Crush??franchise, as well as mobile games,?including Farm Heroes?, Bubble Witch?, and Pet Rescue?.

Our Divisions


Activision Blizzard Esports operates Activision Blizzard’s professional gaming properties,?including the Overwatch League?, the Call of Duty League?, Hearthstone??Masters and Grandmasters, World of Warcraft??Mythic Dungeon International,?and Arena World Championship.

Consumer Products

Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group works with best-in-class licensees around the world to create high-quality and deeply relevant merchandise that gives fans new ways to play, display, wear, and live the brands they love.??

Activision Blizzard Media

Activision Blizzard Media is the gateway for brands to the #1 cross-platform gaming company in the western world, with hundreds of millions of players across over 190 countries, recognizing that great game experiences offer great marketing experiences.?

Social Impact

With great entertainment comes great responsibility.?We understand this, which is why we prioritize giving back to the global community in order to create a better world for gamers and non-gamers alike. Learn More.?

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& Inclusion

Fostering an inclusive culture with a sense of belonging?and?where employees feel valued and heard is?mission-critical. Because to create epic entertainment for everybody, we need a workforce that includes everybody. Learn More.?

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